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“Kristy is an excellent copy editor and proofreader. She always delivers on time or early, is very independent, and communicates wonderfully with the authors of our textbooks. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”
— Laura Bast, Production Manager, Emond Publishing

“Kristy is a thorough and dedicated copy editor and proofreader. Her edits are always excellent and her queries well phrased, and she is a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an editor of textbooks or academic work.”
— Lizzie Di Giacomo, Editorial/Production Manager, Canadian Scholars/Women’s Press

“Working with Kristy is always a pleasure. Her work is always on time or early, which is high on our priority list when it comes to freelancer qualities as our titles have very tight production schedules.”
— Katie Yantzi, Production Manager, Journals, University of Toronto Press

“Kristy brings passion, an eye for detail, great care and attention, and an impressive knowledge of grammar and word usage to her work. I always feel confident sending a book to print if she’s worked on it.”
— Lesley Erickson, Editor, UBC Press

“Kristy has copy edited and proofread a variety of our journals across a range of subject matters. Her ability to accurately keep track of the idiosyncrasies of each journal has been very impressive, and her work has always been of a very high quality. She demonstrates a strong eye for detail and works hard to ensure that authors are happy with their finished work. Kristy’s knowledge of the publishing industry has also lent her a keen understanding of our needs as a publisher. She’s been a delight to work with!”
— Robin Studniberg, Editorial, Design, and Production Coordinator, Journals, University of Toronto Press

“Kristy is a wonderful editor to work with. She is very responsible and responsive. Her editing was thorough, but preserved the author’s writing styles. Definitely highly recommend her!”
— Yue Qian, Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of British Columbia

“It was a pleasure and relief to have Kristy be able to take on some manuscript preparation work for us during a period that we were short staffed. She was able to fit seamlessly into our workflow and perform the specific tasks we were looking for with little direction and support. It is a testament to her excellence that we did not suffer any loss in productivity during this time. Kristy was reliable and consistent in her communication and delivery of files and the work completed was always without a fault.”
— Nick Hilton, Manager, University of Toronto Press, P-Shift Division

“Kristy did an amazing editing job on my research thesis. She has very good experience in editing academic work, but she was also very supportive working together with me. She clarified all of my questions, and was always very prompt in her responses through the editing of my thesis. I recommend Kristy as a great professional in her field of work.”
— Beatriz Teixeira, MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Toronto



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