Selected Portfolio

Copy Editing


I have copy edited numerous articles and issues for the following journals:


  • Niorstigningar Saga: Sources, Transmission, and Theology of the Old Norse “Descent into Hell,” by Dario Bulitta; published by the University of Toronto Press (job completed with the Editing Company).
  • Public Health in the Age of Anxiety: Religious and Cultural Roots of Vaccine Hesitancy in Canada, Edited by Paul Bramadat, Maryse Guay, Julie A. Bettinger, and Réal Roy; published by the University of Toronto Press (edited select chapters only; job completed with the Editing Company).
  • The 32 Rules of Fantasy Football, by Michael Muss; self-published.


  • “Educational Assortative Mating and Female Breadwinning Trajectories: A Group-Based Trajectory Analysis,” by Yue Qian, in Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research, Vol. 11: Intimate Relationships and Social Change: The Dynamic Nature of Dating, Mating, and Coupling, edited by Sampson Lee Blair and Christina Scott; published by Emerald Publishing.





I have proofread numerous full issues of the following journals:

Stylistic Editing: